Friday, October 8, 2010

Does Norwex Really Work?

I had never heard of Norwex before last year.  My kids called to tell me about an amazing product that would allow me to clean my house using just water and Norwex Microfiber removing 99.9% of the bacteria from surfaces.  No more chemical cleaners and paper towel.  I thought... how is that possible?  Is this a gimmick?

My niece, who was going through Stage IV Breast Cancer, had become seriously ill and unable to breathe without the use of oxygen.  Her daughter had cleaned my niece's house using the household chemical cleaning products she had always used.  When I went to see my niece, she told me she had to go outside while her daughter cleaned her house.  At this point, I thought maybe there is something to Norwex.  Cleaning with just water could certainly help those with breathing difficulties.

My daughter-in-law sent me a Norwex Enviro Cloth to use.  I immediately used it on my granite.  My granite had never looked the way I expected it to look.  It was not shiny.  Shortly after we moved into our house, I requested the granite installers to take a look at my granite and they had told me that it was the stone, it would not look shiny. Maybe a glass cleaner, household chemicals, and sealer would help to improve the look of the granite, after all that is what they used.

When I realized that once the Enviro Cloth removed all the chemical residue from my granite, my granite was streak-free and shiny!  I was sold!  I couldn't wait to try the other Norwex products.

I returned to my niece's house with my Enviro Cloth to clean her house.  This time, she was able to stay in the house while I cleaned.

My story is one that I have heard over and over.  Families with children that have allergies and asthma, can not handle the chemical smells and household cleaners.  Each breath they take becomes harder for them when the household cleaners that we use today contain toxic chemicals.

I became a Norwex consultant because I believe in the products!  Each product that I use, I am amazed at how much cleaner my house stays and how much better it looks.  I have certainly found that I am saving time and money!  In today's economy that is important!

Since using Norwex, I don't have to shop the household cleaners and detergent isle, which is great for me!  When I have customers that say they like the smell of "clean", I can't help but think about my niece that was so thankful to get her house cleaned without using chemicals and just using water. 

My goal is to help those with chemical sensitivities understand that there is another way to clean.  Norwex works!  It is not a gimmick and there are scientific studies to back up the products.  It is my goal to continue to share the news of Norwex and help other families become healthier and breathe better!

Visit my website to learn more about these amazing products and get you family started breathing better!

Norwex -- improving quality of life!

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